WRS Group, Ltd. is a full-service design and manufacturing company with more than four decades of experience turning ideas into finished products. We got our start in 1969 creating innovative, 3-D health education models and displays. Although we continue to be the worldwide leader in that market, what we’ve learned from building those types of products now allows us to apply our know-how to the design and fabrication of any product imaginable. Equipped with CAD and 3-D printing capabilities, our R & D staff stays on the cutting edge of product design and development. All of our proprietary products are manufactured in the United States, built with unmatched attention to detail and quality control.

Our Divisions Include

The creators of Mr. Gross Mouth, Harry’s Scary Tongue, Clem’s Phlegm, and hundreds more engaging health education products.

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We take your new product idea and bring it to life, putting 40-plus years of design, manufacturing, and warehousing experience to work.

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From birth balls to breastfeeding dolls, we have everything the childbirth or breastfeeding educator needs for comprehensive instruction.

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Custom imprinting on thousands of promotional products—with prompt, friendly service.

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